Since I was a young child, coming from a hardworking family background, I had a sense of support and understanding of values, developed in me, mostly from my parents. My teenage and young adult years were challenging to say the least, and I ended up facing the choice between staying in an unfulfilling job or making use of my skills in an international setting. I chose the latter, arriving in Prague in the summer of 2017.In between the challenges of living abroad, and having no local acquaintances, I explored the city and across its architectural wonders, I noticed the misery and suffering of homeless people living in the streets, forgotten, simply showing how life can go awry. Through my efforts of searching for a way to support to them, I found and joined a social media group and I started to participate in their events whenever I could. Through this group, steps were taken to build a more stable support system for the homeless community but due to COVID, many issues arose and the support became scarce, mostly due to fear and the constant policing of safety measures. Meanwhile, I had to return to my home country at the end of 2020, right at the point when FriendShip Founder and Director, Renni, started to bring her dream to reality. From afar, I witnessed all of her endeavors to bring FriendShip to life, and I continue to provide support whenever possible.
From these times, when I have been close to the reality of homelessness in Prague, I save every face, hand, and words lost in translation, especially the ones I later recognized (or told) like more and thank you. Many times is brought up in conversations, that support people who lost and are unable to turn things around does not bring any uplifting feeling, does not change their scenario overnight, but can provide an insight on one of two realities, or both: how fragile the human condition is and perspective to one’s own decisions and background. One cannot change the whole world but can help and support change in another person, even if it takes 1000 repetitions of our presence. One moment is all it takes, we just don’t realize it until we live it and, in the end, it’s all about them, the other person realizing, somehow, sometimes, that they can take action. Sometimes, action is just being around someone supporting them, every week, at the same time, making sure they have something to eat, instead of the regular lack and living in need.
The groundwork that FriendShip represents is something that anyone can, at anytime, jump aboard and support. We hope it will become a better networked initiative and reach as many people as possible while providing and deploying resources to alleviate those in need. We also hope to help them work on their life projects by bringing hope and a glimpse into more positive future.
Give a hand, share your heart and join us!