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FriendShip Prague is an English-speaking network of Czechs and Expats which exists to provide support and friendship to people in need in Prague. Our history is connected to the Help Prague`s Homeless group, where we first meet and volunteered since January 2018. In 2021, we have expanded to a bigger “ship” in order to support more of our homeless friends, registering FriendShip as a formal registered non-profit.
Driven by our values of community and cooperation, FriendShip Prague communicates in English so that non-Czech speakers can be given opportunities to learn more and work together to serve those in need.

We do not have any political agenda or religious affiliation. Driven by respect for human diversity, cooperation, and inclusion, we welcome people from all backgrounds/beliefs/philosophies united by the only mutual goal of helping each other.


For the men and women we did not know about, for the Friends we now think about



We gather food, clothes and other necessities every weekend.
We not only supply goods but, most importantly, we provide friendship and guidance. For this reason, we listen to all needs and wishes of our friends, trying to offer what each of them, truly and specifically, requires and desires. We seek to restore their sense of dignity and humanity through mutual and genuine friendships.

FriendShip Prague is a place where members of the expat, Czech, volunteer, and homeless communities can meet, access resources, and share their journeys. A network of friends with a ‘people matter’ attitude who aim to turn philanthropy into a habit.

The FriendShip Prague Instagram is an online page of positivity, built on beautiful stories that we publish to inspire generosity and to show you the impact that your donations are having on our work with the homeless.


We will be longtime Friends




Our vision is to be a community-based effort that supports the homeless community in Prague from a central location.
Our long-term goal for is to launch our Day Center Ship that will be the heart of our work, effort and fun! There, we will organize our regular activities and events, we will meet our homeless friends and listen to their needs, we will gather food and clothes and we will also provide shower and hygiene services, trying to aid those who want to reintegrate in the community. Our dream for the future is to launch a café` & atelier where homeless people could be employed.


Share your heart, give a hand, become a friend







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